Saturday, February 11, 2006

Never Under Estimate the power of PASSION...

My darling son Alec is FASINATED in my camera...even at the tender age of 7, he practically jumps at every opportunity to use it to take a photo!

Today we took our first trip to Moss of Florida's many beautiful parks...just steps from our home (we sit in the middle of state protected natural reserve land)...but a place we never ventured before! It truly was a day to experience the beauty of our neighborhood...and to discover a world far away fromt he hustle and bustle of the city known as the "Happiest Place on Earth"!

So as usual I brought along my trusty Sony camera! Alec's first comment when entering the park...."Did you remember the camera?"...and the next "WOW...this place is would get GREAT Shots if you did!" I had to chuckle a this is something that would come out of my mouth! LOL!

Then came the begging to use the camera!

I watched intently on Alec as he took the camera, got into a stance as a photographer would, looked at the subject to test lighting, used the focus (correctly :) I might add) and then took the shot....he looked like "Mr. Photo Man"....and I saw his world flash before my eyes!

I realized this child has a PASSION for photography....images....visual stuff! He sees what I see in the world...pretty cool! I also realized I need to never under estimate the power of passion...and I must start cultivating it...not tomorrow when he gets older...but now! I encourage him in everything...but this was the first glimpse of what is to come of him in the future..."A man of passion, a man of purpose!" Truly an awe moment for me as a Mommy!

So I leave you with a few of his shots...and one of mine of my darling "Little Man" Alec!


Margie said...

What a sweet son you have! A future photographer maybe. How fun to have such special times together :)

JeanellePaigeDesigns said...

What a sweet post! My son is more interested in video games, lol. I am hoping ONE of my kids will have a pasion for my hobby too. I think Avery will, but she's to young for me to let her take my precious camera, lol!

Royanna Fritschmann said...

Did I forget to mention that he is adicted to video games too...LOL! But I can see the bright passion of photography shining within him...he is such a joy to parent and it is soooo cool seeing him grow into such an amazing young man! :)

MommyBa said...

Wonderful photos! Indeed a photographer in the making :) Both of you are wonderful subjects :) I enjoyed looking at your pictures :)