Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Did some one say HUMP Day? Mind out of the gutter...Happy Wednesday!

OMG! I just realized that I even had a I started...never finished...totally forgot...that is the STORY of my many will say I will be a day late to my own funeral....chasing the hurst down the street....but it is just me! Just busy...just living life....having fun all the way! what is happening at "Divine Studio R" today? Working on reformating my hard drive...sounds like this flu bug is going around....had major hardware malfunction yesterday when trying to get the newsletter out...lost everything I was working I was in the middle of saving when it happened...oh well...redoing the whole thing and will have out in a flash....

I have about 10 new kits...and no computer with my beloved Photoshop CS2 on it to finish up until then we wait..."twiddling my thumbs whistling....oh I am having design withdrawls! " Been on a big DOODLE kick....can't totally beyond addicted...but good for all will get to reap the benefits with my new kits!!! LOL!

Did you hear??? I am having a HUGE "Bargain BLESSING" Sale at - all of my scrapkits are on sale most are 50 -65% off...I am celebrating the blessings that I have been given with my design talents and for my opportunities that I have experienced and have yet to experience through digi-scrapping!!! :) Run don't walk over to ThreeScrapateers...You will be blessed and HAPPY that you did!!!

Which brings me to my next blessing to blog about....ANDREA partner in crime!
I met Andrea Nelson this last summer...she and I are both digi designers and she is my co-partner in the Divine Digital Yahoo Group!

Anyhow, since our meeting we have had the opportunity to see each other on several occasions...but it is our daily phone calls that have help develop a TRUE friendship of giggles, laughter and tears! I swear I have known her my whole life...she and I are so alike...and we were blessed to meet each other...and I am PROUD to call her my FRIEND!

We went to Georgia to visit Andrea and her family....can you say SOUTHERN CHARM! She has a gorgeous olde house with a big wrap around porch....and even a RED and I mean RED Kitchen with black cabinets...the hardwood floors were to die for....what a gorgeous place...and what an incredible time we had while we were there!

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pattyanne said...

Royanna… you are a gem! Love the blog! Love the kits! Love the yahoo group! Love the newsletters! Really love the chats at 3S! You're the bomb! You're layout with Andrea is the bomb - sweet photos, love the angle! Are ya feeling the love? 'Cuz you're the bomb! Anyways, sorry to hear about the harddrive crash… I did the same thing last week… in fact - I finished totally reformatting my computer from scratch Monday night… but I did take a break from that on Sunday so I could pop-in at your chat at 3S! Great job! Oh, and I can't wait for the doodles in your kits! You go girl!