Thursday, November 30, 2006

Happy Holidays from the Fritschmann's

GUESS WHAT? We are moving!!! We are heading out from Florida to California on Sunday...we are driving cross country! I can't believe it....we are going home! We are amidst boxes right now but are excited in so many ways! We will miss this house but we know going back is a great thing....and where we need to be!

Anyhow, I have a little treat to share with you all....Alec (my 8 year old) and I put together a video Christmas Card tonight! We hope you enjoy our little piece of HEAVEN! It has a few photos that have been taken over this last year! It is really neat! ENJOY!

CLICK HERE to VIEW - "Christmas with the Fritschmann's....2006"
It is in Windows Media and you will need Windows Media Player to view




Sunday, November 05, 2006

Prayer Request Please!!!

Please pray for my husband David. Last Sunday he had a major seizure caused by a pain medication that was prescribed for his back. He stopped breathing and his heart stopped. He is home from the hospital now, but would like to ask for prayer requests for his recovery! I also wanted to let everyone know why I have been away from the site this week!

Here is what transpired....A week ago his primary care doctor prescribed a muscle relaxer for his back problems he is having. That medication cause a massive seizure. He stopped breathing and his heart stopped for over a minute. I was able to revive him through CPR – thank GOD I took the class and knew what I was doing!!! He went to the emergency room where he remained for about 9 hours. He was in excruciating pain – but the doctors discounted it just saying it was because he had the seizure! They wouldn’t give him ANY pain medication while in the ER!!! They did a bunch of XRAYS and tests then moved him to a regular room in the Critical Care Unit. About 30 hours later they discovered that both his arms were dislocated (they made a MAJOR mistake of negligence!!!) – and he had to be rushed in for emergency surgery to relocate both shoulders because he had lost all circulation in them and the joint was dying and they thought they were going to have to amputate both arms….but they were able to save them. He was seizure free the entire time in the hospital and they determined that the medication did in fact cause the episode. His chest and arms are completely black and blue from the relocation of his shoulders and is in terrible pain but he is finally home!

We have contacted an attorney and they have stated that we definitely have a malpractice suit on our hands! So now we have that to contend with but he is alive! And I praise God for that!

Thank you for you prayers for him and my family during this time!