Saturday, February 18, 2006

BoyZ ROCK My World!

Can I just say...

On Valentine's I threw my family a little "Candlelight Dinner" for four at "Chez Fritschmann!" It was a beautiful dinner of lobster, steak, sushi....ALL THE GOOD STUFF! It has been our tradition to do Valentine's dinner together as a family...and include our kiddos in the day of LOVE! And I am a French Trained Chef, so I can't see going out when I can put the extra special touches on a meal right here at home!!! This year I did it a bit funky...TONS of Candles, leopard print fur fabric, gold mesh, red and black accents, china and silk was just toooooo cool for words!

After Dinner....I got a gift that was truly from the heart from my 3 MEN (David and my two boys Alec & Taylor!)...a hand made card! But not just ANY handmade card! A GIANT ONE!

David secretly bought two pieces of red poster board...he got them into the house without me knowing...he taped them together....and made a HUGE card! Then he and each of the boys drew me a special picture....funny thing is I never knew my honey could draw more than a stick person....truly an amazing gift from the heart!


JeanellePaigeDesigns said...

Very COOL! Lobster is my FAV food of all TIME!! The card is so sweet! What a lucky woman you are to have sweet men in your life!

Linda Walton aka BobbysGirlForever said...

Yes MA'AM, you are ONE BLESSED woman Royanna!!! But then I consider your DH and DS's to be just as BLESSED to have you as a WIFE and MOTHER!!!

The table spread is to LIVE for ... my GOSH girl, you REALLY do know how to PARTY!!!

The card from your DARLING MEN is PRICELESS and the fact that David was able to get it into the house without YOUR knowledge SCORES BIG POINTS in MY book!!!

Thanks for sharing these SPECIAL moments with EVERYONE!!! It is ALWAYS a TREAT to see how others CELEBRATE their LOVE for each other!

Love and BIG HUGS,

Amberlee said...

Adorable! Ok the food looks amazing, you are coming to NC right? Gonna fix us some food???? PLease!!! :)
What a wonderful VDay for you this year.

Anonymous said...

Great blog Royanna. Thanks for the doodle chat tonight :)

Maggie said...

Wow what an amazing night, the foods and the gifts so toughtful. I would rather have a hanmade gift than a store brougth!!!
I need a recipe for making authentic bouillabaise.