Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A HEART of Thankfulness!

I have been reevaluating life lately! And I am really counting my blessings that I have an outlet for my creativity, have the opportunity to design, enjoy my passion and get paid for it...but even more that I have made incredible friends and have been so touched by an incredible group of women in the digi scrapping community!

I am VERY thankful for the talented group of "ANGELS" at 3Scrapateers...the Creative Team, Administration design team and Moderators!

To show my appreciation to the family of women (CT, Admin & Mods) who give their heart and souls everyday to 3Scrapateers and to our products that we designers produce, I made them a very special movie....

Grab your tissue boxes! I have put together a “LOVE & GRATTITUDE” MOVIE for all of the CT’s, ADMIN & MODS! It is my letter of thanks to them….for everything they have done, do and will continue to do in the future!

They have FOREVER changed my journey, and each one of them have impacted me in a special way and I just wanted to thank each one of these BEAUTIFUL women!

The movie is called “ Unwritten – The Journey of PURPOSE!”

This is an 11 minute movie in a Microsoft (WMV) Windows Media Video File. To view it, download zip. Unzip it. To play it you must have the latest version of Microsoft Windows Media Player…..


Better grab that tissue now! ENJOY! Thanks for listening to my rambles.....I am just very BLESSED!

Have a great day!



Monday, February 27, 2006

Woooooooo....Oh MY!

I just found out that I have been nominated for a "Scrappers Choice Award" from One Source Scrappers Ads.....ok....who nominated me??? OH MY GOSH....I have tears streaming down my face....you have no idea how strongly this has touched me.....I am just feeling the love...it puts my work in perspective...without YOU all I just have designs....so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! YOU all are the best!

I want to give you a little gift...to say thanks.....it is a paper sampling of my NEW kit "Easter Rainbow" - a FUN rainbow of Easter Colors with textures like fresh water colors to get you in the mood for SPRING!

....download it here.....

"Think SPRING!...blooms are about to sprout around here....hint hint......"

Love ya Bunches,


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Neglect of a Husband = 6 NEW DIGI KITS.....OH MY!

Yes, I spent last week designing away....needless to say my DH is feeling underappreciated...sorry baby!

But my digi scrapping friends....you get the benefits! Check out my new stuff!


Have a great Day!


Monday, February 20, 2006

My digi Scrapping FRIENDS ROCK!

Check out this layout that my friend Kim Macdonald did using my "Love Lines Collection - Forever" digi kit! She ALWAYS does the BEST layouts! And she is just AMAZING! I am soooo blessed to be in a world with amazing talents like Kim!

To purchase this kit CLICK HERE

Just wanted to share!

Have a great day!


Sunday, February 19, 2006

The doodle Fairy.....she's in my brain!

That doodlefairy came again.....she just won't get out of my brain.....

Anyhow, if you missed my crop tonight at www.threescrapateers.com then you missed one AMAZING chat! "Gettin' Funky With It" - We talked about Doodles & Brushes!

I am feeling a bit FUNKY now...and generous....so here is the freebie from the night......

Click Here!

Also you have to check it out....I have about 5 new kits in the store at www.threescrapateers.com ....you have got to check them out!!!!


Saturday, February 18, 2006

BoyZ ROCK My World!

Can I just say...

On Valentine's I threw my family a little "Candlelight Dinner" for four at "Chez Fritschmann!" It was a beautiful dinner of lobster, steak, sushi....ALL THE GOOD STUFF! It has been our tradition to do Valentine's dinner together as a family...and include our kiddos in the day of LOVE! And I am a French Trained Chef, so I can't see going out when I can put the extra special touches on a meal right here at home!!! This year I did it a bit funky...TONS of Candles, leopard print fur fabric, gold mesh, red and black accents, china and silk linens...it was just toooooo cool for words!

After Dinner....I got a gift that was truly from the heart from my 3 MEN (David and my two boys Alec & Taylor!)...a hand made card! But not just ANY handmade card! A GIANT ONE!

David secretly bought two pieces of red poster board...he got them into the house without me knowing...he taped them together....and made a HUGE card! Then he and each of the boys drew me a special picture....funny thing is I never knew my honey could draw more than a stick person....truly an amazing gift from the heart!

Friday, February 17, 2006

The week of LOVE.....and PASSION! LOL!

Ok....so it has been a couple days since I have posted....but it's not my fault....

My husband was on a business trip for a week and a half...and rather than find my self in a heap of trouble...I have spent the whole week loving him...and taking care of him.....so I have my wifely points in for the week!!! LOL! In all seriousness...it was good to take a break this week...sort of....

I have a ton of new stuff on the horizon....LOTS of NEW STUFF! I have been sooooo inspired lately...I guess I caught spring fever and a designing bug....

Speaking of BUGZ...have you seen my new kit from the Love Bugz Collection? It is called "Girly Wuv Bugz"...they are sooo cute! Hand drawn lil' bugz fill this kit to brim with SPRING LOVE! You can purchase HERE from www.threescrapateers.com! There are going to be 3 or 4 more kits in the collection...including a BOY one...so look for them coming soon!!!

My other kit that I am sooooo excited about....Divinely SPRING Collection! This is positively and absolutely my best work to date....I can't get over how the textures and funky patterns turned out! I have been doodling for days...and this are the benefits that you all get to reap from it :) The first kit in this collection is "Sorbet Bliss" a sweet as sugar color palette and the fun spring feel to this kit make it a MUST HAVE for your digi kit collection!!!

I would like to give a SPECIAL Shout out and thank you to Jeanelle Paige, Digi Designer at 3Scrapateers for her use of the darling circle heart brush....she sooooo rocks.....you can find her store here!!!

Well, I must be off...have 3 new kits to get in the store...a newsletter or two to get off to you all...and FREEBIES!

Check out my crop this Sunday at 10PM Eastern at www.threescrapateers.com! "Gettin' Funky With It" is a FUN Crop dedicated to DOODLES and Brushes....you won't want to miss it! Hope to see you there!

Peace out girlfriends! Have a wonderful day!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Never Under Estimate the power of PASSION...

My darling son Alec is FASINATED in my camera...even at the tender age of 7, he practically jumps at every opportunity to use it to take a photo!

Today we took our first trip to Moss Park...one of Florida's many beautiful parks...just steps from our home (we sit in the middle of state protected natural reserve land)...but a place we never ventured before! It truly was a day to experience the beauty of our neighborhood...and to discover a world far away fromt he hustle and bustle of the city known as the "Happiest Place on Earth"!

So as usual I brought along my trusty friend...my Sony camera! Alec's first comment when entering the park...."Did you remember the camera?"...and the next "WOW...this place is BEAUTIFUL...you would get GREAT Shots if you did!" I had to chuckle a bit...as this is something that would come out of my mouth! LOL!

Then came the begging to use the camera!

I watched intently on Alec as he took the camera, got into a stance as a photographer would, looked at the subject to test lighting, used the focus (correctly :) I might add) and then took the shot....he looked like "Mr. Photo Man"....and I saw his world flash before my eyes!

I realized this child has a PASSION for photography....images....visual stuff! He sees what I see in the world...pretty cool! I also realized I need to never under estimate the power of passion...and I must start cultivating it...not tomorrow when he gets older...but now! I encourage him in everything...but this was the first glimpse of what is to come of him in the future..."A man of passion, a man of purpose!" Truly an awe moment for me as a Mommy!

So I leave you with a few of his shots...and one of mine of my darling "Little Man" Alec!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Cherished Soul!

My DH is the LOVE of my Life! He has been there through EVERYTHING and proven to be my STRENGTH and my Comfort! And even after being together for 15 years, my heart still goes PITTER PATTER when I see him!! I love him with all my heart and I CHERISH every minute with him!This is from my NEW Kit "Love Lines Collection - Cherish!" This is one of the NEW scraplets that will be going into the store this week!

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Monday, February 06, 2006

Born to Love - I am a LOVER not a Fighter....

Happy Monday Friends!

I am sicker than a dog....I have the flu and I sound like a "Honker" as my DH put it this morning! But I wanted to leave you a quick post with my new kit....

Born to Love


I am a rebel...born to Love...kissed by an angel from up above! "Born to Love" is a motorcyle and tatoo inspired masterpiece....with a TWIST - a soft PINK PINK PINK Color palette! Loving warm textures fill this kit to the brim...complete with sassy hearts, sweet angel wings & pretty florals combined with the cool silvery metals make this a MUST HAVE Digi Kit for the Season of Love! Perfect for Weddings, Valentine's Day, Little Girls, Big Girls...Layouts of Love...you will be one rebel that won't be left without a cause!

Kit Includes:
  • 12 - 12x12 Textured Background Papers
  • 2 - Angel Wing Stamps
  • 1 - Embellished Curved Border
  • 3 - Link Bracelets for Charms
  • 2 - Metal Brads
  • 2 - Floral Brads
  • 1 - Metal Button
  • 4 - Charms
  • 2 - Clips
  • 1 - Metal Embellishment
  • 1 - Jumpring
  • 6 - Paper Accent Patch Squares
  • 1 - Pocket
  • 3 - Ribbons
  • 1 - Staple
  • 4 - Fancy Tags
  • 2 - Torn Paper Scraps
  • 2 - Word Art

Have a wonderful day....pass along a random act of kindness today....you were born to LOVE!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

""Love Lines Collection - Cherish - Now in the www.threescrapateers.com store....

NEW From the Design Studio of Royanna Fritschmann:
Love Lines Collection - Cherish

CLICK HERE to purchase "Love Lines Collection - Cherish"

I am the Friday Freebie at www.digitalfreebies.com

Check out this Amazing Mini Kit that Coordinates with the "Love Lines Cherish" Scrapkit

Hope you enjoy! Would love to see scrappages and comments on these kits!!!!


Ra Ra

Oh....Lions & Tigers & Bears...OH MY! The gremlins are coming to get me!

I swear the internet gremlins were out in full force tonight! BIG OLD MEAN ONES!

I tried for several hours to get my weekly newsletter posted to the Divine Digital Yahoo Group...with not one ounce of success...I got so frustrated that I post to my own FTP just so our readers would have this amazing piece of ingo in their HOT little hands! I was so excited to release it too....darn little gremlins!

So you want a copy of it??? You have to be a member of the group to get the FREE February GRAB Bag that has over 30 pieces in it....go here if you are not registered with us:

Peace OUT,
Punkyrara AKA Royanna Fritschmann

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

SHOT by CUPIDS ARROW! - Up & Coming - "That's HOT!"

Cupid's BEEN HERE! See what SWEET Treasures are in store for YOU!

Come take a SNEAK PEEK of what's coming from the design Studio of Royanna Fritschmann:

Love Lines Collection - Cherish

I have several kits in the "Love Lines Collection" coming...full of LOVE and Celebration of Valentine's Day!

Did some one say HUMP Day? Mind out of the gutter...Happy Wednesday!

OMG! I just realized that I even had a blog...one I started...never finished...totally forgot...that is the STORY of my life...as many will say I will be a day late to my own funeral....chasing the hurst down the street....but it is just me! Just busy...just living life....having fun all the way!

Anyhow....so what is happening at "Divine Studio R" today? Working on reformating my hard drive...sounds like this flu bug is going around....had major hardware malfunction yesterday when trying to get the newsletter out...lost everything I was working on...as I was in the middle of saving when it happened...oh well...redoing the whole thing and will have out in a flash....

I have about 10 new kits...and no computer with my beloved Photoshop CS2 on it to finish up previews....so until then we wait..."twiddling my thumbs here.....now whistling....oh I am having design withdrawls! " Been on a big DOODLE kick....can't stop...now totally beyond addicted...but good for all you...you will get to reap the benefits with my new kits!!! LOL!

Did you hear??? I am having a HUGE "Bargain BLESSING" Sale at www.threescrapateers.com - all of my scrapkits are on sale most are 50 -65% off...I am celebrating the blessings that I have been given with my design talents and for my opportunities that I have experienced and have yet to experience through digi-scrapping!!! :) Run don't walk over to ThreeScrapateers...You will be blessed and HAPPY that you did!!!

Which brings me to my next blessing to blog about....ANDREA NELSON...my partner in crime!
I met Andrea Nelson this last summer...she and I are both digi designers www.threescrapateers.com and she is my co-partner in the Divine Digital Yahoo Group!

Anyhow, since our meeting we have had the opportunity to see each other on several occasions...but it is our daily phone calls that have help develop a TRUE friendship of giggles, laughter and tears! I swear I have known her my whole life...she and I are so alike...and we were blessed to meet each other...and I am PROUD to call her my FRIEND!

We went to Georgia to visit Andrea and her family....can you say SOUTHERN CHARM! She has a gorgeous olde house with a big wrap around porch....and even a RED and I mean RED Kitchen with black cabinets...the hardwood floors were to die for....what a gorgeous place...and what an incredible time we had while we were there!

Have you signed up for the "Divine Digital" Freebies Newsletter? If not you are missing out...our fourth issue comes out today! Sign up today!

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