Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Royanna's Personal CT Call

Studio RA Designs

Layout Artist CALL!

Royanna Fritschmann is searching for talented Layout Artists

to fill 3 spot on her "POSH PRINCESS" Personal Creative Team

to work with her products to develop hybrid works and completed projects!

Benefits include
$60 Shopping Pass per month to Royanna's boutique @ Divine Digital
Opportunities to earn free hybrid products
Opportunity to work on special projects

Post 1 -2 completed layouts a week
Participate in 1 Scrap Challenge a Month
Post project to 3 Galleries including Divine Digital
Commit to 3 month contract
Allow layouts to be professional photographed as needed
Use of completed projects for all marketing uses

To apply: Please Email Royanna Fritschmann at:royanna[at]divinedigital.com.

Please include your name, Divine Digital Screen name, email address,

samples of 3 of your best layouts you have done a link to your best gallery,

and note any teams you are on currently.

Committment is for a 3 month contract.Call Deadline: Februay 7, 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008

Digital Reality BYTES!!! New Collaboration! Check it out!

Digital Reality - Grab Bag 01
©2008 - Digital Reality BYTES Designs
Commercial Use Scrap for Hire Personal Use
Grab your bags girls and RUN! These chicks have lost ALL REALITY!

Welcome to the world of DIGITAL REALITY! A collaborative effort by Princess Lala Designs Laura White and Studio RA Designs Royanna Fritschmann. 3 brand spankin new commercial products to bring absolute POP to your designs and pages!!! We guarantee that this reality bag is full of digital options...and TRULY DIVINE!

Includes Full licensing for commercial, designer and S4O usage.

Click here to purchase for just $4.00!

Friday, January 25, 2008


After a long hiatus due to a major health crisis, I am back! I missed my blogging...sooooo I wanted to come back sharing the love!

So here are a couple of FREE Gifts!

First a coupon! If you spend $20 in my boutique, I will give you a $10 coupon off your order! That's 50% off everything including new releases, commercial and older products that are clearanced at under $2 bucks! It is good on multiple shopping trips and is good through Valentine's Day! So Use coupon code at check out: raraspreadlove - remember spend $20 or more and get $10 Off! Do you feel the love now?????

You can find my Divine Digital Boutique here and it is packed with new stuff! CLICK HERE

And a free Gift featured is my "Path to my Heart" Freebie - A textured paper heart and stamped with doodles from Princess Lala Designs. And included is a Photoshop PSD file to edit the text that is preformatted on a text path. I used Times New Roman for the font but it can easily be edited to format to any font, size, kerning, leaning, etc! So do you feel the LOVE? I do! You all make designing such a treat...so enjoy this sugary snack....NOW PLAY! It is in my boutique, go purchase it at no cost...and have fun!

CLICK HERE to grab the freebie
I have lots going on....new stuff, a paper line we are working on, CHA in Anaheim coming....oh my head is spinning....but sooooo fun is life!
Lots of love,