Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's my BIRTHDAY & I will PLAY if I want to!!!!!

It's my 39th Birthday today... 
so I am throwing all caution to the wind, kickin' up my heels.... 
and throwin' a PARTY BABY!!!!  
Come celebrate with me - with an amazing offer....This is a first ever!  

I am giving 39 people the opportunity to buy either my  
COMMERCIAL OR PERSONAL USE Boutiques for ONLY $39.00 each!  
This is a ONE DAY opportunity for only 39 customers - so run -  
grab your hall pass to the party and get shopping!  

Once purchased, you will download a file.... 
and when the order confirmation has finalized  
I will forward you a special pass within 24-48 hours.  
This pass will give you free shopping permissions for  
1 week to download all the products you can in that time!  
Please expect 24 - 48 hours to process your order and  
receive your special VIP Pass to my boutique!  


Friday, May 09, 2008

FINAL Freebie - A FREE Commercial Kit!

Ok before we blow out the candles....on this DIVINE birthday celebration, I leave you with one final commercial use freebie!  Choose 1 FREE COMMERCIAL USE kit from my boutique:


I hope you have enjoyed all my freebies!

Happy Birthday Divine Digital,


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Let's go running through the flower fields! Felt flowers!

Day 6 of my FREE Commercial Use Blog Goodies is a set of Felt Embellished Flowers!  It includes 4 flowers for your using your kits or layouts - ALL COMMERCIAL USE OK :) and ok to recolor as well  So have some fun creating and designing with this little piece of DIVINE goodness!

Also check out the other Divine Designers in the BLOG PARTY

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Let me TEAR you to SHREADs with a FUN Commercial Freebie!

Day 5 of my FREE Commercial Use Blog Goodies is a Paper Tear Template Kit Sampler!  It includes the paper scraps, paper tears overlay, 4 papers, 1 sheet of cardboard scraps & 1 finished scrap sampler - ALL COMMERCIAL USE OK :)  So have some fun creating and designing with this little piece of DIVINE goodness!

Look for the full kit "Gettin Ripped To Shreads" to be released this week @ Divine Digital so you can add on even more fun!

Also check out the other Divine Designers in the BLOG PARTY

Happy Tuesday!


Sunday, May 04, 2008

Flower Power Baby!

Day 4 of this amazing blog party is a Commercial Use Flower Set.  It has Photoshop Brushes, the images if you don't use Photoshop and a finished flower.  All ok for commercial use :)

You have to check out my new series of kits "Gettin Stocked" - my collection of commercial use stock photos from my trip to Hawaii!  All are ok for you to create overlays, brushes, etc. check it out at Divine Digital | CLICK HERE |

While there, if you spend at least $10 in my boutique I will give you 50% off your order and a free kit to boat!  

Also check out the other Divine Designers in the BLOG PARTY

Happy Monday,


Day 3 goes RETRO!

Today's freebie goes RETRO!!!  A fun Commercial mini set that includes 1 Overlay, 2 Photoshop Custom Shapes and 3 PNG Shapes!

Also check out the other Divine Designers in the BLOG PARTY

Divine Digital Team Blog  [I have a Free collect a kit available here]

Laura White 

Beate aka BeDeSign





digimom (Barbara)

Cyndi - Wetfish Designs



Saturday, May 03, 2008

Day 2 - Another Commercial Use Freebie!

Enjoy National Scrapbook Day @ Divine Digital!  Lots of sales and goodies to be had! 

Enjoy the second BLOG PARTY FREE Gift - A Commercial Use Freebie Overlay from Royanna Fritschmann |Studio RA Designs|  It is a lovely Rose pattern overlay - perfect for creating those MOM inspired or vintage designed papers :)

11MB File - 1 Overlay in JPG Format
OK for Commercial, S4o/S4H, and personal use

ALSO, I have a free collect a kit on the Divine Digital BLOG - 
CLICK HERE to grab todays free pieces

Also check out the other Divine Designers in the BLOG PARTY

Friday, May 02, 2008


Come celebrate a MONTH of BIRTHDAYS!

First, Divine Digital Celebrates turning 2....We have tons of fun activities all week @ - including a daily blog party train where you can collect FREE goodies from many Divine Digital Designers.  I start the train - so grab your free Gift....


Now join the party stop the blog of PRINCESS LALA DESIGNS |CLICK HERE|
Join me in wishing Laura a super AWESOME DAY as today is her BIRTHDAY!  Happy 24th SISTER - may your day be just DIVINE!  Love you :) XOXO

Now the next Birthday Celebration - MINE!!!!  I am turning 39 on the 15th of May.  Come celebrate with me with a big sale and a free gift with purchase.  Spend $10 in my boutique get 50% off - just use coupon code royanna_bday to get discount!  And any order over $5.00 will get the kit "Birthday POP!" for FREE!  Watch for an amazing BUY MY STORE offer on my Birthday - amazing but true 39 of you will get a deal of a lifetime :)

Finally my darling friends Princess Lala, Ashalee Wall & Sweetmade Designs are also May Babies!!!  So we got together to put our second Commercial Grab Bag together!  It contains 20 brand new commercial products for $20....worth WAY over $100 - this is the MEGA of all MEGA Grab Bags for the Designer - available through May 15th!  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Ok...Join me tomorrow on my blog for another FREE Commercial goodie!