Sunday, March 21, 2010

Buy Royanna's ENTIRE Store for ONLY $20.00

YES! SPRING has SPRUNG in my WORLD! Come get my entire boutique of products designed by Royanna Fritschmann|Studio RA Designs for ONLY $20. YES! GRAB IT ALL!!!

So what does $20 bucks get you??? Enter the world of "Club RA" - This purchase gives you download full coupon access to my entire store with up to 5 coupon uses through April 30,2010 to my entire catalog of current products plus all my new stuff to be loaded over the next month! Includes Commercial Use, Personal Use, Scrap 4 Hire, Albums, Quickpages & Hybrid items - valued at well OVER $3500!!!...hundreds of hours of DIGITAL BLISS!

| Click HERE to purchase this special Promotion |

| Click HERE to check out what you get for $20 Bucks! |

Happy SPRING SCRAPPING my friends!



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redjanfan said...

I bought your store! Royanna, I knew I liked your designs a lot as I've bought quite a few kits in the last year or more. I didn't realize the depth of your design skills til I was downloading your store. What an incredible repetoire, and what an outrageous bargain! Thank you for the uber generous deal!!! :) :D

LynetteL said...

I bought your store and am in the process of downloading it all! Thanks so much, this is great and I adore your work!!