Friday, February 25, 2011

Emergency MOVING SALE!!! | BUY MY STORE!!! for Only $20 - Access over 725 products by Royanna Fritschmann | Studio RA Designs | 3 Shopping Trips through March 31, 2011 |


Diane said...

(Just curious....) What's happened/going on @ DD that it's an emergency you move?? I truly hope all is well at home, no one ill, no crisis.

TY for this marvelous opportunity.

D :)

Diane Clapsaddle said...

Hi, Royanna! I just bought your store because I love your designs! I picked out the kits etc. and ordered them over two visits. However, I'm finding that even with pop-up blocker and internet security turned off and having DSL, I can only download one file at a time and that one takes at least 50 minutes. How can I possibly complete the downloads in 7 days? Can you reconsider that rule? Thanks!
Diane Clapsaddle
Lisbon, OH