Friday, January 25, 2008


After a long hiatus due to a major health crisis, I am back! I missed my blogging...sooooo I wanted to come back sharing the love!

So here are a couple of FREE Gifts!

First a coupon! If you spend $20 in my boutique, I will give you a $10 coupon off your order! That's 50% off everything including new releases, commercial and older products that are clearanced at under $2 bucks! It is good on multiple shopping trips and is good through Valentine's Day! So Use coupon code at check out: raraspreadlove - remember spend $20 or more and get $10 Off! Do you feel the love now?????

You can find my Divine Digital Boutique here and it is packed with new stuff! CLICK HERE

And a free Gift featured is my "Path to my Heart" Freebie - A textured paper heart and stamped with doodles from Princess Lala Designs. And included is a Photoshop PSD file to edit the text that is preformatted on a text path. I used Times New Roman for the font but it can easily be edited to format to any font, size, kerning, leaning, etc! So do you feel the LOVE? I do! You all make designing such a enjoy this sugary snack....NOW PLAY! It is in my boutique, go purchase it at no cost...and have fun!

CLICK HERE to grab the freebie
I have lots going stuff, a paper line we are working on, CHA in Anaheim coming....oh my head is spinning....but sooooo fun is life!
Lots of love,

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Nick said...

Interesting Blog - I enjoy reading about Graphic Design - thanks for sharing!