Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Royanna's Personal CT Call

Studio RA Designs

Layout Artist CALL!

Royanna Fritschmann is searching for talented Layout Artists

to fill 3 spot on her "POSH PRINCESS" Personal Creative Team

to work with her products to develop hybrid works and completed projects!

Benefits include
$60 Shopping Pass per month to Royanna's boutique @ Divine Digital
Opportunities to earn free hybrid products
Opportunity to work on special projects

Post 1 -2 completed layouts a week
Participate in 1 Scrap Challenge a Month
Post project to 3 Galleries including Divine Digital
Commit to 3 month contract
Allow layouts to be professional photographed as needed
Use of completed projects for all marketing uses

To apply: Please Email Royanna Fritschmann at:royanna[at]divinedigital.com.

Please include your name, Divine Digital Screen name, email address,

samples of 3 of your best layouts you have done a link to your best gallery,

and note any teams you are on currently.

Committment is for a 3 month contract.Call Deadline: Februay 7, 2008

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