Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Buy My Store & 10 NEW! Product Releases from Royanna Fritschmann

My "Buy My Entire Store for $20" promotion ends on October 31st! I am adding tons of new stuff so its well worth the cost! You get all my commercial and personal use products - over 500+ items for ONLY $20!!!! Hurry and Check it out today!

I have also added 10 NEW! Releases to my boutique | Studio RA Designs | Exclusively @ Divine Digital!

Here are a couple of my FAVS:

AND BONUS!!! Here is a FREE Gift for my BLOG Subscribers!!! $2.00 FREE Coupon for ANY SCRAPKIT - SCRAPKITS ONLY - NOT Good for Commercial Use Products

Coupon Code: studiogift
Expires: November 9, 2009
Good for any scrapkit from my design studio only at:

I have two Blog Trains coming!!! The first is November 2nd and is a COMMERCIAL USE blog train "Waiting for Christmas" - I have some great commercial goodies coming!!!

And the other is "Follow the Fairy Tale" which will take off on November 8th. I am just about finished with my kit....and its sooooo incredible - can't wait to share with you all!

Happy Halloween!

Royanna Fritschmann


iamb said...

Hi, thanks for the coupon. I tried to apply it to the kit 'Holiday Flakey" and it said the coupon could not be applied to that kit? Am I doing it wrong? Thanks for any help:)- Bonnie

Divine said...

Are you putting in the coupon box and not the gift certificate box?

iamb said...

I was putting in the coupon box.. I am guessing that's wrong?:) Also.. I guess the store is crashed? Too much selling goodness? I keep getting a Not Found.. I hope it's up again soon! I will be back and try again.

artful pioneer said...

Praying for you, Royanna- grace, grace and all the help that you need!!! I hope you can get the store up- I was thinking about the buy my store too. But for more reasons than that, I am praying. Hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Royanna,
I have been trying to buy your store for $20.00 offer all day but the store is down and all Iam getting a 404 error message.

Do you know of the store will be back online in time to get your offer or Is it my own fault and I have I missed out because I left things too late? :)

T said...

Hi! I'd like to purchase the "Buy My Store" offer as well. Please let me know when/how I can do that.
Thanks! T

cheri said...

I can't get on there anything wrong or is it my computer?