Tuesday, July 24, 2007

FREE Mini Kit for all those LOSERS out there!

For all us LOSERS out there!
Calling all weight loss DIVAS!

Join us for a "Summer Loser Challenge"
A weight loss support & cheer forum!
At Divine Digital

CLICK HERE To check out the Challenge in our Forums!

Enjoy this FREE MINI KIT from Royanna to document
and journal your weight loss journey
CLICK HERE to grab the FREE KIT!!!


Penny said...

Thanks so much for sharing your kit! I want to be a LOSER!!!

Anonymous said...

Could you contact me please?

Lesley said...

Thanks for this kit! I'm just starting a program to lose weight and this will really help to track my progress.

Renata Pamplona said...

Hi, thats for the kit.

Can you tell me where can I get the rest of the kit named royannaf_kidslife_day01?????
My firefox didn´t caught the url as favorite.


~TinaW~ said...

Thanks for the freebie it's GREAT!!!
You've been tagged......Name 6 quirky things about YOU and then tag 6 more people!

WillowRaven said...

This is a wonderful idea for a kit for all of us out here trying to lose weight, however when I tried to download it, an error occurred.