Thursday, June 07, 2007

Royanna's Special Weight Loss Challenge!!!

I am doing a new low carb/low fat diet program called Kimkins. I started today and am looking for others to do it with me!!!!The program allows you to loose a substantial amount of weight, yet stablizes your metabolism, blood sugars and is even safe for diabetics [even type 2 diabetics!]
Many of you know I had gastric bypass in 2002 and I lost an amazing 160lbs! But I am still at a whopping 238 and am feeling tired, depressed, unhealthy STILL!!!! So I am dedicating myself to loosing the weight to approaching it with a full CIRCLE view - mean approaching it mentally, physically and choosing to EAT TO LIVE!

If you want to join me on the journey to a healthy life the following!

I have started a sign up thread in the forums at Divine Digital [ ] for those who want to join the journey with me...From there I will develop a private subscribers thread for support, encouragement, challenges...and even some special scrapping goodies along the way! So please join me on the march towards "Eating to LIVE"!!!!Royanna

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ScrappinMichele said...

That looks very interesting Royanna. Wish I'd found that a few years ago. I lost 65 lb and I have completely changed my way of thinking about life and eating and what is important. I'm working very hard on the emotional part of my eating now which is harder than losing the weight. I wish you luck on your journey.