Friday, October 06, 2006

"Pearls of JOY" And a good CUP of COFFEE!!!

This is my new kit.....well this is a FREEBIE from my NEW KIT (A Starbucks Coffee Tumbler Insert for one of those make your own mugs)! The kit is called "Pearls of Joy" and coincides with my Bi-Monthly Inspirational Crop Series "Pearls of Joy" at Divine Digital at 10PM Eastern on Sundays twice each month! We are making a "Life Scrapper Journal" in this series through the end of the year. Each challenge members are given a "Power of 10" Inspirational Prompts to get them to scrap about their everyday lives. In return I give them a FREE KIT each Challenge! Join Us it is not too late!

Want the FREEBIE shown here???? Throwing ya a goodie in cyberspace....ready 1, 2, 3! CLICK HERE!

LOTS of stuff going on behind the scenes....EXCITING STUFF! One is that we got a new CART SYSTEM!!! Wooo hoo....and then lots of stuff to come.....that will make you all really excited!!! So watch for details!

Well gotta run....on our way to Georgia to Andrea's for the weekend! So have a DIVINE ONE!

Ciao baby!



Anonymous said...

Wow... I cant tell you how cool this is... it was meant for me... *grin*... my name is Joy... and my hubby just bought me one of those cups ... I am so excited to make one. and my DH will be front and center... and my grandbabies will be in the windows.. how awesome is that. wooo hoo

thank you much..

Kristen Fulton said...

This is sooo great! It'll make a perfect gift for mom! Thank you!!

Julz said...

Oh boy! I really want to try one of these.. am I too late or is the server busy? which ever.. thanks for your generosity

Tanya/TiggerRD said...

I love this - had just looked at buying or creating a template for the Starbucks Coffee tumbler for my husband. I think I'm too late here though - I'm not able to download. It's fantastic though - love the colors!

Anonymous said...

Hi Royanna

Love your blog and your work at Divine Digital. I am trying to download the freebies from your blog as well as from the DD site, and they are not working (file not found). Do you have updated links? It's really frustrating because I love the templates and want to try them out. Also tried to email DD but their help and customer service emails were returned undeliverable. Hope you can help me. Thanks a lot, Rebecca (kiden)